The first period begins in September

  • The first part of the training is devoted to common courses with all the students of the Graduate School: radiation/material interactions, electron/material interactions, surface chemistry, numerical and programming tools
  • IMACS specific lectures: water/rock interactions, materials/minerals characterization techniques part 1, soil sciences, paleo-conditions marker minerals in sub-surface geological environments
  • Soft skills with all the students of the GS: English language, scientific communication
  • Research project: Practicals works in the laboratory. Students will devote approximately 2,5/3 days per week to their research training in the research area of their choice (Geosciences for IMACS). This first project begins in October and runs until the end of the first semester.

The second period begins in January

  • Common courses with all the students of the Graduate school: electrical phenomena at interfaces, surface topography and its effect on interactions with fluids and solids, surface and interface design for heterogeneous catalysis, introduction to spectroscopies
  • Soft skills: management, environmental assessment
  • IMACS specific lectures: materials/minerals characterization techniques part 2, microstructure and imaging of materials, solid/solution interfaces, organization of clay suspensions
  • First year internship (3 months min.): This internship is a key element of the training because it allows a complete immersion in a professional environment (academic laboratory and/or company). For GS granted students, this internship must be carried out outside the geoscience laboratory in order to foster trans-disciplinary skills.


Second year

Student guide