Master Minerals Materials / IMACS

Minerals Materials/IMACS (International Master in Advanced Clay Science)  is an integrated MSc dedicated to the analysis, study and understanding of natural minerals with high economic interest.

It is designed by two institutions:

This program is included in the IntREE (interfaces for aeronautics energy and environment) Graduate school of the University of Poitiers.

The Pprime and IC2MP institutes are at the heart of the IntREE-GS.


Why choose the Graduate School IntREE and the IMACS:

  • In addition to their degree, students will receive the GS label certification which attests to the excellence of research-based training in the field.
  • Immersion in public or private laboratories in the field.
  • All internships are paid positions (approximately 600€/month) and additional grants will be awarded to promote international mobility (travel expenses …).
  • The incoming international mobility of high-level students is also encouraged by grants limited to 4000€ per project (travel expenses, welcome box, and scholarship).
  • International reputation in the fields of aeronautic, transport, energy and environment.
  • Individualized follow-up of students and learning through lectures, tutorials, laboratory courses, workshops
  • Analysis expertise for the characterization of minerals and geomaterials: X-Ray Diffraction, Infrared Spectroscopy, Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy, Thermal Analyses, Tomography, etc.




Job opportunities

How to apply

There are two different procedures for students depending on their nationality.

The staff will explain the procedure to follow.