Minerals Materials/IMACS is the first multi-disciplinary programme that brings together this widely disseminated knowledge.

Most of the existing Master’s degrees dealing with minerals and geomaterials focus on a single discipline or field (Earth Sciences, Civil and Geotechnical Engineering, Material Science, Environmental and Life Science, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering). However, minerals and geomaterial Science is a multidisciplinary endeavour, combining geology, mineralogy, crystallography, geotechnology and soil mechanics as well as inorganic, organic, colloidal chemistry and biochemistry.

Minerals Materials/IMACS is a 2 years integrated Master programme delivered by two universities : University of Poitiers (France), Technical University of Crete (Chania – Greece), and is supported by the French Clay Group (GFA) and AIPEA (International Association for the Study of Clay Minerals) which are associate members of IMACS. This programme has been approved by the European Commission under a very competitive application scheme as the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master programme (2010-2015).

Three internship periods.

During the first year, basic knowledge on minerals, geological contexts, analytical techniques and recent developments are provided, in addition to common courses with other students from the Graduate School. Two internships in research laboratories or private companies complete the first year program. The second-year is devoted to the uses and applications of clay minerals including geomaterials and civil engineering, nanomaterials, etc. The master thesis (5 to 6 months) completes this second year and can be carried out in one of the partner research laboratories that constitutes a network of more than 20 labelled research laboratories and numerous private companies.