Student's integration

All courses will be taught in English. For a better integration of foreign students, French classes will be given in small groups. Advanced English courses will prepare French-speaking students for TOEIC certification.

A university town since 1431, Poitiers welcomes its new students throughout the month of September. Numerous events are organized both in the city center and on campus. A special welcome day in October, “La Nuit des étudiants du Monde“, is specially designed for international students, to welcome them at the Poitiers City Hall.

The “Maison des étudiants” (Students’ House) of the University of Poitiers also offers cultural activities throughout the year, including “Campus en Festival”, which covers all artistic fields, from art to music, cinema or dance.

The University offers many sports activities, including aikido, aerobics, athletics, badminton, basketball, orienteering, dance, rock climbing, fencing, soccer, golf,  handball, judo, jujitsu, karate, kayaking, weightlifting, swimming, rugby, tennis, ping pong, sailing, volleyball, water polo, contemporary dance, salsa and African dance.

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