How to apply

The Graduate School of Research – IntREE is a highly selective school (about 20 students per year). The selection is based on the quality of the academic background and on the motivation of the student.


Procedure for students from the countries listed below

Standard online CEF application : very important

Click on the country above for direct access to Campus office of that country.

If you reside in these countries, you should contact the French Embassy or Consulate in your country as soon as possible. The staff will explain the procedure to follow.

  • You must follow the standard online application procedure of the CEF (Centre for Studies in France) on the Campus France website (
  • The deadline for Campus France registration is around March (check with the Campus France office in your country).
  • The Campus France pre-registration certificate is mandatory.

Procedure for non native students from

Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros, Congo Brazzaville, Cote d’Ivoire,Gabon, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Marocco, Mauritius, Mexico, Peru, Senegal, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, USA, Vietnam

You should apply via the eCandidat platform.


The application dates for the Graduate school are:

  • Opening date : April 26, 2021
  • Application deadline for GS-: May 17, 2021 (for all students)

Late applications will only be considered if there are still places available.

For any question regarding the application process, please contact:

Pre requisites & requirements

The Master’s programs of the graduate school are open to motivated French and International students with a Bachelor of sciences degree.  Selection is based on a fair competitive process.


  • Bachelor of Science or equivalent;
  • Proof of English and/or French proficiency;
  • Motivation to pursue a Master of Science in Poitiers. 

You need to submit :

1- A EUROPASS-CV describing your academic background and achievements

2- A motivation letter: Typed or word-processed, in English, the applicant explains why he/she is applying, how he/she thinks this application can help him/her and promote his/her personal project, and what his/her professional goals are.

3- A transcript of records presenting the complete list of courses validated during the Bachelor’s degree with the grade obtained in an explained scale (preferentially the ECTS grading scale or the international standard defined by the NCEFEC on a scale from A+ to E). This document must be an official document from the institution concerned with the name and signature of the person responsible for the course. It must be in English or a copy of a certified English translation must be provided.

4- A certified copy (translated into English) of the diploma required for application to a  master’s degree (at least a Bachelor’s degree or a nationally recognized diploma equivalent to 180 ECTS).

If requested, the applicant must prove the international recognition of the diploma mentioned as equivalent to a Bachelor and provide this official recognition translated into English. An academic equivalency could be attributed based on the candidate’s professional experience (validation of acquired experience). Consequently, the program is not only open to undergraduate students.

Note: The application may be submitted even if the B.Sc. is not fully completed by the deadline. This situationwill be explained precisely in an additional explanation letter. The IMACS selection committee will decide whether or not the application will be processed.

4- Two reference letters from two different teachers, researchers and/or professionals, who have known the applicant directly during a period of teaching or work, explaining the applicant’s suitability for the requested program.

5- Language proficency (if applicable). Except for native speakers, a certified level of fluent English is required as proof of sufficient knowledge of the English language. Additional proficiency in French may also be sent.

6- Copy passport or id card. Please note that selected non-European student must have a passport with an expiry date later than the normal end date of the course to which he/she is enrolled (e.g. around 3 years).

If you have any questions, please contact Patricia  Patrier (

Selection process

  • Evaluation of applications by the selection committee
  • Pre-acceptance/refusal will be sent to all applicants in mid May
  • Final acceptance (on-line interview): mid-May/early June (with or without Welcome Box for international students)

An official notification letter will be sent to the applicants. After being accepted into the IntREE (IMACS) program, non-EU students should immediately contact their local embassy to apply for a study visa in time to begin their studies in September of the same year (this usually takes 3-4 months).

For applicants managed by Campus France office: we only issue an academic acceptance. Applicants must go through the entire Campus France procedure in parallel to obtain the administrative visa.

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