GS grant

Each year we offer GS IntREE-Master Welcome boxes for foreign students entering the first year of the master program (1200 €).

All laboratory internships or research projects during the master program are granted to all students supporting by the GS-IntREE (for a total of 2600 € min*) or by the host laboratories/companies.

Outgoing grants can also  be awarded to French student for international mobility (1000 euros + 500 euros/month of internship).

* Scholarships are awarded to all students during the master thesis internship. Their amount is EUR 500/month minimum.


Others: Financial support for accommodation expenses in UP

  • Students may be eligible for benefits from the CAF (Caisse d’allocations familiales).
  • Consult the conditions on: > « étudiant » > « aide au logement ».
  • A CAF office is open to students in the city center (5, rue de la Croix Blanche) during the first months of the academic year.