Minerals Materials/IMACS (International Master in Advanced Clay Science)  is an integrated MSc dedicated to the analysis, study and understanding of natural minerals with high economic interest. It is designed by two institutions:

This program is included in the IntREE (interfaces for aeronautics energy and environment) Graduate school of the University of Poitiers. This Graduate School is dedicated to teaching, via research, in the field of interface phenomena. This Graduate School allows students to be immersed in both research and industrial environments.

These high-level training programs (Master and Ph.D.), limited to about twenty students per year, promotes learning through research, placing students at the heart of the laboratories.They are organized around four main axes in order to prepare students for the professions of tomorrow:

  • Progressive immersion in the laboratories,
  • International mobility
  • Connections with the socio-economic world,
  • Disciplinary opening towards multidisciplinarity

The Pprime and IC2MP institutes are at the heart of the IntREE-GS.

The IMACS Masters Course is open to students holding a BSc’s degree (or a diploma equivalent to 180 ECTS) or an academic equivalence based on professional experience (validation of acquired experience is required), and a fluent understanding of the English language.

Main focus

This master’s program deals with minerals and geomaterials with a special focus on clay minerals and geomaterials. The interest in clays results from their common availability, and their unique physical and chemical properties. No other mineral is currently attracting as much interest.

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Most of the existing Master’s degrees dealing with minerals and geomaterials focus on a single discipline or field (Earth Sciences, Civil and Geotechnical Engineering, Material Science, Environmental and Life Science, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering). However, minerals and geomaterial Science is a multidisciplinary endeavour, combining geology, mineralogy, crystallography, geotechnology and soil mechanics as well as inorganic, organic, colloidal chemistry and biochemistry.

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Student’s integration

All courses will be taught in English. For a better integration of foreign students, French classes will be given in small groups. Advanced English courses will prepare French-speaking students for TOEIC certification.

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University of Poitiers – coordinating institution:

Technical University of Crete

Degree awarded

  • University of Poitiers (France): Master Sciences de la Terre et des Planètes, Environnement, parcours Matériaux minéraux / International Master in Clay Science.
  • Technical University of Crete: Master’s degree with specialization in Advanced Clay Science (in progress for fututre editions)

Registration fees

The tuition fees of the University of Poitiers amount to EUR 243 per year for European and non-European students (2020-2021 rates).

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Each year we offer GS IntREE-Master Welcome boxes for foreign students entering the first year of the master program (1200 €).

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