The IMACS study programme runs for 2 years with 2 periods of professional practice and research (39 days min and 4 months min.), both rich and robust.

The teaching language is mainly English.

Consult all the modules of the Master Materials-Minerals / IMACS in PDF…

First year

  • The first period starts In September. The first part of the training course focuses on the fundamentals of Clays including identification and analytical methods, physico-chemical properties (period P1 : from September to January).
  • The first specialization « Environment, soils and geological systems » (involving UP, UA, UFRGS teaching staffs) (period P2) is delivered from January to April.
  • The first year training is provided in Poitiers where lectures are delivered by internationally recognized experts.
  • Language training in English is also delivered during this period.
  • A mobility is planned from April to July for the first year practical projects (period P3). This period can be spent in one of the institutions of the consortium and associated laboratories.

Second year

  • The 2nd year includes a part of teaching (from September to end of January) (periods P4 and P5) and the master thesis (period P6).
  • The first semester addresses 2 specializations: « Geomaterials and civil engineering » and 2) Advanced clay – nanomaterials, and Healing minerals (period P4). Students can spent this period in TUC or UP.
  • Period P5 can be delivered in UP, UA or UFRGS according to the student mobility.
  • The master thesis (Period P6) can be spent in one of the institution of the consortium and associated laboratories.
  • The programme ends by the defense of the Master Thesis in the hosting institution.