Studying in Poitiers at the faculty of Science

Socrates students applying to the Faculty of Science at the University of Poitiers to carry out a study period of variable duration (an academic year, a semester) should pay careful attention to the following information.

Instructions prior to leaving the home institution

1. Preparation and selection of the academic programme :

You (Exchange candidates) should target as precisely as possible the academic area in which you want to study and check whether it is offered or not at the University of Poitiers. You should also be aware of the level of the courses you intend to choose. Some may have prerequisites.
Details of the courses are available on :
2. Learning agreement :

In any case, the applicant should discuss his/her project with his/her home institution tutor and obtain the tutor's approval. A learning agreement will be established and sent to the Socrates Coordinator of the Faculty of Science at the University of Poitiers for approval. Upon arrival, the learning agreement will be confirmed or potentially altered due to last minute adjustments.
Download the learning agreement [DOC - 211 Ko]


You must have a reasonable command of the French language to tackle lectures and exams successfully. Intensive courses in French are available at the CFLE prior to the beginning of the academic year. Information about fees for these courses are available at web site :

Formal application and registration procedures at the host institution

1. At University level through the Central International Office

Applicants should fill out the online application documents :
Registration and accommodation form :
Linguistic preparation form for French courses  (mail :
2 . At Faculty level through the Faculty International Office

Applicants should fill out the Faculty application form and the learning agreement and send them to the Faculty International Office for approval before arrival.

Upon arrival and at the end of the study period

Upon arrival, students must register officially both at the University of Poitiers and at the Faculty of Science for the courses they will attend and the exams they will sit. A student card will be delivered to students.

At the end of the study period and after exam sessions, academic transcripts will be established by the Faculty Registration Office.
Contact the International Study office to get the forms.

Long term training period

  1. Download the request form Request of candidacy [DOC - 126 Ko]
  2. Download the technical information [PDF - 94 Ko] about grant of the regional council (annexe technique sur l'obtention de bourse de la Région Poitou-Charentes)

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